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    1. This Too Shall Pass (video below)
    2. Leaves Blow By
    3. The Arsonist
    4. Often & Much
    5. Best Laid Plans
    6. Lover Things
    7. Easy, No
    8. Devil Came Knocking
    9. Head & Heart
    10. True Royal Blue
    11. That I'll Know You...
    12. My Love, My Love


● Released October 19, 2012
● Recorded at Yellow Room Recording in Portland, OR
● Produced by Peter Rodocker and Tyler Stenson
● Engineered by Peter Rodocker
● Mastered by Nettleingham Audio in Vancouver, WA


Above all, this is an empowering album about belief in self. Penned by Tyler Stenson, a Portland-based singer/songwriter of "elegant folk" music, this 12-track creation blends melodic acoustic sounds with ever creative lyric and a digestible hint of pop.


"He pits soft Americana against tender, billowy pop until it sparks, fanning the flame with his gusty, crackling vocals for warmth." -- Willamette Week

With a distinctive ability to blend genres of music, Tyler Stenson matches the soft acoustic echoes with stronger pop music to create his own unique sound. Born in Lander, WY and raised in Oregon, Tyler Stenson made his journey to his acoustic pop artist genre through his lyrics-first singer/songwriter style.

Because of his ability to create unique and beautiful acoustic sounds, companies such as Bose, Boulder Creek Guitars and G7th Capos sponsor Stenson and his music.

Stenson's background gave him experience as a front man for previous bands, but Stenson reached his true acoustic pop artist identity when he became a solo artist. Soon after this decision, he was named Portland's "Songwriter of the Year" by the Portland Songwriter Association, "Best Male Artist" at the 2011 Portland Music Awards and has most recently been named Portland-based singer/songwriter ReverbNation’s Breaking Artist in March.

In addition to Stenson’s many accomplishments, this acoustic pop artist has ventured to the television screen, with songs used in two national Chevrolet commercials and featured on TV shows such as "Flashpoint" and "Hart of Dixie."

Stenson has also proven himself as a talented and moving performing artist. Along with being selected out of 3,600 other artists to perform at Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and Ryan Spaudling’s SxSW Outlaw Road Show 2013, this acoustic pop artist has also performed with LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak, John Popper, Matisyahu and Fuel.

The Willamette Week speaks of Stenson and the uniqueness of his music saying, "fearing no metaphor and drawn instinctively to the bright flame of the American West, Stenson is a fire builder."

Stenson continues to inspire fans through his carefully planned lyrics and music that touches all generations. Throughout his musical journey, Tyler Stenson has touched many different areas of the musical industry. Through these experiences, paired with his passion for music and extraordinary ability to generate lyrics, Stenson has proven to be, both an accomplished artist, as well as a songwriter with the unique ability to blend genres of music with seemingly natural grace.

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